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On this page you will find all the important information about the Brussels Card: What services does the City Card offer and for whom is it worthwhile? How long is it valid and where can you buy it?

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Brussels Card
  • Free admission to 49 museums
  • Discounts for sightseeing, city tours, etc.
  • Optional: Free travel on public transport
  • Optional: Hop-on/Hop-off or Atomium
  • Valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours
  • Pick up your Brussels Card in the city
  • With the card you save money in Brussels!

How the Brussels Card works

The official City Card of the Belgian capital is primarily a museum card. It also offers discounts for numerous sights, city tours and restaurants. So if you want to visit some museums in Brussels, this card is a good choice.

But the Brussels Card can do even more. Thanks to the 3 different additional options, you can choose the supplement that best suits you and your stay in Brussels. The following options are available:

  • Brussels Card + public transport
  • Brussels Card + Hop-on/Hop-off Bus
  • Brussels Card + Atomium

You can buy the card online and then receive a voucher. You then redeem this for a physical card on site. Pick-up is possible at two central locations in the city centre.

From the first use, the Brussels Card is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Who is the Brussels Card suitable for?

In our opinion, the City Card is particularly suitable for stays of several days in Brussels. You can hardly use so many services in one day that the card is worthwhile.

The longer the period of validity of the Brussels Card, the cheaper it is per day. And the more you save when you use it.

In addition, the card is more suitable for adults, as children and young people already receive reduced admission to many museums and sights by default.

How much does the Brussels Card cost?

The fees for the Brussels Card are graduated according to the period of validity. In addition, there is an extra fee for an upgrade.

Brussels Card 24hBrussels Card 48hBrussels Card 72h
Brussels Card32,-€42,- €49,- €
+ Local traffic8,- €15,- €19,- €
+ Hop-on/Hop-off24,- €29,- €34,- €
+ Atomium12,- €12,- €12,- €

There is no Brussels Card specifically for children and young people. However, at most sights and museums, these age groups already receive a discount or a family discount as standard.

The City Card is more worthwhile for adults.

All services of the Brussels Card

The Brussels Card is available in 4 versions. In its regular version, it is primarily a museum pass that allows you to visit 49 museums in Brussels for free. In addition, you can enjoy numerous other discounts at the city's attractions and restaurants.

There are 3 upgrade options available for the City Card. Optionally, you can book free use of public transport, a free ride on the hop-on/hop-off bus or free admission and priority entry to the Atomium. Important to know: Only one additional option can be booked. A combination of several upgrades is not possible.

Free museums:

  • Autoworld
  • Margitte Museum
  • Choco-Stroy
  • Train World
  • Centre for Fine Arts BOZAR
  • Musical Instrument Museum
  • Museum of Ancient Art

A complete overview of all 49 museums with free admission can be found here: Museums Brussels Card
It is best to use the filter option "Admission free" in the navigation on the right.

Discounts with the Brussels Card

In addition to free admission to many museums, there are also numerous discounted offers. Among others, Mini-Europe or Experience Brussels. But also some city tours, boat trips and discounts in restaurants and bars are offered.

Here you will find all the discounts: Discounts Brussels Card

Additional option #1: Public transport

This additional option allows you to use public transport in Brussels for free. Depending on the period of validity of your Brussels Card, you can use the buses, trams and metros of the STIB transport company for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Most transport services run from 6am to midnight. Your ticket also includes the night buses and airport line 12, which takes you to Brussels-Zaventem Airport.

Public transport in Brussels
© Siddhant Kumar / Unsplash

Once you have booked this option, you will receive an Event Pass code (on the back of your Brussels Card). Go to one of STIB's 375 GO machines (in all metro stations and at the main bus and tram stops), select "Event Pass" on the screen and enter the 9-digit code. You will then receive your ticket as a valid paper ticket.

Additional option #2: Atomium

If you have booked the additional option "Atomium", you will also receive free admission here. This option also gives you priority entry, saving you time and allowing you to bypass the queue. You can go straight to the entrance, scan your card and enter the Atomium.

Additional option #3: Hop-on/Hop-off

Depending on the period of validity chosen, this additional option allows you to use TOOTbus hop-on hop-off buses for 24, 48 or 72 hours. Simply show your Brussels Card to the driver when boarding. The validity period of your Hop-on Hop-off option starts with the first use of the bus.

Is the Brussels Card worth it?

For 24 hours, the Brussels Card is hardly worth it, as it is very difficult to make use of the services worth €32. However, if you want to visit some museums in Brussels, the card can be worthwhile from 48 hours. The longer the card is valid, the cheaper the price per day becomes.

Below we show you how much you can save using a 48-hour card without additional options.

AttractionWithout Brussels CardWith Brussels Card
Brussels Card 48h42,00 €
Autoworld15,- €Free of charge
Train World15,- €Free of charge
Choco-Story13,- €Free of charge
Magritte Museum10,- €Free of charge
Total53,- €42,00 €

The Brussels Card is also worthwhile for the additional options, at least for the hop-on/hop-off bus and the Atomium. For public transport, at least, it does not incur any additional costs.

#1 - Public transport:

The surcharge for a Brussels Card validity of 48 hours is €15. Two day passes for Brussels public transport cost €16 (or €15 if you pay with a contactless credit card). So you save €1, or at least you don't have any extra costs.

#2 - Atomium

Admission for one adult person costs 16,- € at the Atomium. The surcharge for the additional option is 12,- €. So you save 4,- €.

#3 - Hop-on Hop-off Bus

A 48-hour ticket from Tootbus costs 36,- €. If you subtract the surcharge for the additional option from this, there is a saving here too.

The more you use your City Card, the more it pays for itself!

Buy & Collect Brussels Card

The Brussels Card can be purchased online from various providers, for example from After purchase, you will receive a voucher that you can print out or save on your phone. You must exchange this voucher for a physical card at the city centre.

  • at the City Hall (daily 9am-6pm)
  • BIP - House of the Region, Rue Royale 2-4 (Mon-Fri 09:30-17:30, Sat 10-18)

When you exchange, you will receive a city and museum map with all the relevant information about the participating attractions and a Brussels Card coupon book.

Your card is activated as soon as you have scanned it for the first time in one of the participating museums (or in the Atomium if you have booked this additional option). The card is then valid for up to 72 hours, depending on the option booked.

In addition to free admission to the 49 participating museums, you will receive other discounts. To take advantage of these, cut out the discount code you want from the Brussels Card coupon book and present it to the sales staff. Each discount can only be used once.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of the Brussels Card

  • Free admission to 49 museums.
  • With a period of use from 48 hours, the card offers good value for money.
  • Several variants available so you can buy the right card for your stay.

Disadvantages of the Brussels Card

  • The Brussels Card is a museum card only. If you are more interested in other sights, you only get discounts but no free entry.
  • The 24-hour card is hardly worth it. You would have to visit 3 museums a day to make a saving with this card.
  • No combination of different additional options is possible. You must choose one variant.
  • The card must be collected after your arrival in Brussels.

More offers in Brussels

You can also book many offers individually without purchasing the Brussels Card. Here we have put together a selection of popular attractions for you:

FAQ about the Brussels Card

How does the Brussels Card work?

The Brussels Card can be purchased online and is then exchanged for a physical card in Brussels. Depending on the validity of the card, you can then visit 49 museums free of charge and benefit from various discounts. Furthermore, 3 different additional options can be booked. You can either use public transport or the hop-on/hop-off bus free of charge. Or you can get free admission to the Atomium.

Can I use public transport with the Brussels Card?

The regular Brussels Card does not include the use of public transport. However, you can book an additional option for a surcharge and use all public transport in the city of Brussels.

Is the airport transfer included in the Brussels Card?

The regular version of the Brussels Card does not include public transport or airport transfers. However, you can add this option and then use all public transport in Brussels. This also includes the airport line 12 to Brussels Zaventem Airport.

How is the Brussels Card activated?

When you arrive in Brussels, you exchange your voucher for the physical Brussels Card. The first time you use the card, it will be activated.

If you take the additional option for public transport, you still need to redeem your Event Pass code for a valid paper ticket at one of the GO machines.

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