Krakow Card

On this page you will find all the important information about the Krakow Card: What services does it offer and who is it suitable for? How long is it valid and where can you buy it?

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Krakow Card
  • Visit 40+ free museums and sights in Krakow
  • Free use of public transport
  • Free admission to Schindler's Factory
  • Valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours
  • Pick up your Krakow Card in town
  • With the card you save money in Krakow!

How the Krakow Card works

This City Card gives you free admission to 39 museums and sights in the city of Krakow. You can also use the city's public transport free of charge.

The Krakow Card is available with a validity period of 1 to 3 days and offers the following advantages, among others:

  • Free admission to museums and sights
  • Access to the permanent exhibitions of the participating museums
  • Free use of public transport in Krakow

The Krakow Card can be purchased online. When booking, you receive a voucher that must be exchanged for a physical card on site. It can be collected at several locations in Krakow. It should be noted that the validity is measured in days and not hours. The City Card is therefore valid until the end of the day, not until the hour of activation.

Who is the Krakow Card suitable for?

The Krakow Card is worthwhile for all travellers who want to explore the city by public transport and discover as many museums and sights as possible.

The City Card makes visiting Krakow easier, as you only need to buy one card and not many different tickets and entrance passes.

How much does the Krakow Card cost?

The price of the Krakow Card depends on the period of validity. The following prices are currently valid for persons over 18 years of age:

  • 1 day: 30,18 €
  • 2 days: 45,98 €
  • 3 days: 50,58 €

The City Card is also available as a 3-day ticket without free travel on public transport and costs €29.89.
A reduced price applies for pupils and students. However, free use of public transport is not included here either.

Children up to the age of 3 do not need their own Krakow Card, as they have free admission to all museums and can also use public transport for free.

All services of the Krakow Card

Use the Krakow Card to get free access to numerous museums and sights. In addition, you can use public transport free of charge.

Below is a selection of the benefits included:

Free Museums & Sightseeing

The Krakow Card gives you free admission to the following museums and attractions, among others:

  • Oscar Schindler factory
  • Polish Aviation Museum
  • Underground Main Market
  • Adler Pharmacy
  • Czartoryski Museum
  • Krakow Defence Walls
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Old Synagogue
  • Szołayski House
  • MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art)
  • Town Hall Tower
  • Barbican
  • Celestat Museum
  • Jewish Museum Galicia

To gain free entry, simply show your Krakow Card at the ticket office.

For very popular sights, such as the Oscar Schindler factory, the Krakow Underground Museum or the Sukiennice Museum, it is advisable to book in advance for your desired visiting time.

Unfortunately, admission to Wawel Cathedral is not included.

Public transport with the Krakow Card

The Krakow Card entitles the holder to free all-day use of all means of transport operated by MPK in Krakow. It is valid as a ticket for all trams and city buses for the entire period of validity from 1 to 3 days.

Krakow Public Transport has 24 tram lines and 132 bus lines. Lines 208, 252 and 902 also connect the airport with the city.

Public transport in Krakow
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This means that even more distant destinations such as the airport, the Auschwitz concentration camp or the Wieliczka salt mine can be reached comfortably and free of charge.

The card must be carried when using public transport.

Is the Krakow Card worth it?

The Krakow Card offers free admission to 39 museums and sights and allows free use of Krakow's well-developed public transport system. It makes exploring the city easier, as there is no need to buy a separate ticket for each attraction and, moreover, you do not have to deal with the conditions of public transport.

For our comparison, we use the Krakow Card with a validity of 2 days. During this period, some sights can be explored at leisure. The prices were partly converted from Polish zloty to euro using the exchange rate 9/2023.

AttractionWithout Krakow CardWith Krakow Card
Krakow Card: 2 days45,98 €
Public transport: 2 daysapprox. 8,- €Free of charge
Oscar Schindler factoryapprox. 7,-€Free of charge
Old Synagogueapprox. 4,-€Free of charge
Adler Pharmacyapprox. 4,-€Free of charge
MOCAKapprox. 4,-€Free of charge
Polish Aviation Museumapprox. 6,-€Free of charge
Czartoryski Museumapprox. 14,-€Free of charge
Total47,00 €45,98 €

Visiting 2-3 museums and sights per day is feasible, but quite intensive. However, if you plan to visit as much as possible, the Krakow Card can be worthwhile from 2 days. However, it would be ideal to buy a Krakow Card for 3 days. Then, of course, the savings are greater.

In general, the more often you use the Krakow Card, the more it pays off for you!

Buy & Collect Krakow Card

The Krakow Card is available online through various providers, including After purchase, you will receive a voucher which you must exchange for a physical card on site. You can make this exchange at the following locations:

  • Krakow Story - Pawilon Wyspiańskiego, plac Wszystkich Świętych 2 (daily 10:00-18:00)
  • InfoKraków - ul. św. Jana 2 (daily 09:00-17:00)
  • InfoKraków Sukiennice - Rynek Główny 1/3 (daily 09:00-17:00)
  • InfoKraków - ul. Szpitalna 25 (daily 09:00-17:00)
  • InfoKraków - ul. Józefa 7 (daily 09:00-17:00)
  • InfoKraków - Powiśle 11 (daily 09:00-17:00)
  • InfoKraków - Os. Zgody 7 (daily 10:00-19:00)
  • Krakville Tours - Sienna 17 (daily 08:00-22:00)
  • InfoKraków Airport - Medweckiego 1 (daily 09:00-19:00)

After activation, the card is valid for 1 to 3 days, depending on the option booked.

Krakow Card

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of the Krakow Card

  • Some sights and especially museums can be visited free of charge.
  • Free use of local public transport
  • Free admission to the permanent exhibitions in the museums

Disadvantages of the Krakow Card

  • The card must be collected after your arrival in Krakow.
  • The card does not give priority entry to the attractions.
  • Some of the most popular sights, such as Wawel Cathedral, are unfortunately not included in the services.

More offers in Krakow

If you do not opt for the Krakow Card, you have the option of booking many attractions and sights separately. We present some of them below:

FAQ about the Krakow Card

How does the Krakow Card work?

You buy the Krakow Card online, receive a voucher and collect the card when you arrive in the city. With it, you can use public transport in Krakow free of charge for up to 3 days. You also get free entry to numerous museums and sights.

Can I use public transport with the Krakow Card?

Yes, with the Krakow Card you can use all public transport of the MPK transport company.

How is the Krakow Card activated?

The Krakow Card is activated with the first use. From this point on, the card can be used according to its respective validity of up to 3 days.

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