Musea Brugge Card

On this page you will find all the important information about the Musea Brugge Card: what services does it offer and who is it suitable for? How long is it valid and where can you buy it?

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Brugge Musea Card
  • 12 free sights and museums
  • Visit Bruges' most popular attractions for free
  • Valid for 72 hours
  • Save money in Bruges with the card!

How the Musea Brugge Card works

The Musea Brugge Card grants free admission to 12 museums and monuments in Bruges. The City Card is valid for 72 hours and can be activated up to one year after purchase.

With the Musea Brugge Card you enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Free entry to the 12 most important museums and monuments
  • Time saving: You only buy one ticket instead of several individual tickets.
  • Validity up to 72 hours

The Musea Brugge Card can be purchased online. The validity period of 72 hours starts at the beginning of your first visit. Simply show your voucher at the ticket office of the attraction you want to visit.

Who is the Musea Brugge Card suitable for?

The Musea Brugge Card is worthwhile for all travellers who want to visit at least three of the included sights or museums during their stay in Bruges. It makes sense to stay in the city for at least two days, as it is probably not possible to do three attractions in one day at your leisure.

The City Card makes it easier to visit Bruges because you only have to buy one ticket and not many different ones.

How much does the Musea Brugge Card cost?

The Musea Brugge Card costs 33,- € and is valid for 72 hours.

There is no card for children, as the museums in Bruges are free for children up to 12 years (except the Belfort, which is free for children up to 6 years).

All services of the Musea Brugge Card

The Musea Brugge Card gives you free admission to 12 of Bruges' most important museums and monuments.

The current opening hours of all museums and attractions can be found here: Opening hours

Free Museums & Monuments

The Musea Brugge Card gives you free admission to the following museums and attractions:

  • Belfort (Belfry)
  • Groeningemusem
  • Gruuthusemuseum
  • Liebfrauen Museum to the Potterie
  • Liebfrauenkirche Museum
  • St John's Hospital
  • Sint-Janshuis Mill
  • Bruges Freiamt
  • Folklore Museum
  • Gezelle House
  • Pharmacy Saint-Jans-Hospital
  • City Hall

For free admission, simply show your Musea Brugge Card at the ticket office. All important information about opening hours, address and special features of the attractions, can be found here: Museums & Monuments

Is the Musea Brugge Card worth it?

The Musea Brugge Card gives you free admission to 12 of Bruges' most popular museums and monuments. Here we compare the prices of the individual attractions with the purchase price of the Musea Brugge Card for you.

For this purpose, we have selected some sights that can be visited in a relaxed way in three days.

AttractionWithout Musea Brugge CardWith Musea Brugge Card
Musea Brugge Card: 72h33,-€
Belfry15,-€Free of charge
City HallFree of chargeFree of charge
Groeningemuseum15,-€Free of charge
Gruuthusemuseum15,-€Free of charge
Liebfrauenkirche Museum8,-€Free of charge
Sint-Janshuis Mill5,-€Free of charge
St John's Hospital + pharmacy15,-€Free of charge
Folklore Museum8,-€Free of charge
Total81,00 €33,00 €

If you were to buy tickets for all the attractions listed here individually, you would pay more than double the price of the Musea Brugge Card.

Buying the Musea Brugge Card is already worthwhile when you visit 3 attractions.

In general, the more you use the Musea Brugge Card, the more it pays off for you!

Buy & collect Musea Brugge Card

The Musea Brugge Card can be purchased from various suppliers on the internet, including

After purchase, you will receive a voucher that you can use directly as an entrance ticket when visiting one of the museums or attractions.

After the card has been activated by the first use, it is unlocked for free entry for 72 hours in all 12 participating museums and attractions.

Brugge Musea Card

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of the Musea Brugge Card

  • The most popular museums and sights in Bruges can be visited free of charge.
  • The card is valid for 72 hours.
  • The voucher purchased online does not need to be exchanged for a physical card on site.

Disadvantages of the Musea Brugge Card

  • The card does not offer discounts on public transport in Bruges.
  • With 12 museums and sights, the Musea Brugge Card offers a rather small scope of services compared to other City Cards. However, this City Card is also specially designed for use in museums and pays for itself quickly due to the sometimes high entrance fees.

More offers in Bruges

If you don't opt for the Musea Brugge Card, you can also book many attractions and tours individually. We present some of them here:

FAQ about the Musea Brugge Card

How does the Musea Brugge Card work?

You buy the Musea Brugge Card online and receive a voucher. You can have this scanned directly at the entrance of the attractions you want to visit. It is valid for 72 hours from the first use and offers free entry to 12 different museums and attractions in Bruges.

Can I use public transport with the Musea Brugge Card?

No, the card is only for admission to museums and sights and does not entitle the holder to free use of local transport.

How is the Musea Brugge Card activated?

The card is automatically activated the first time it is used in one of the museums or sights and is then valid for 72 hours.

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