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On this page you will find all the important information about the Torino Card: What services does the City Card offer and for whom is it worthwhile? How long is it valid and where can you buy it?

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Torino Card
  • Free admission to 60 attractions
  • Numerous discounts for sightseeing, city tours, etc.
  • Valid for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours
  • Per adult 1 child up to 12 years free of charge
  • Save money in Turin with the card!

How the Torino Card works

The Torino Card is the official city card of the city of Turin and is also called the Torino & Piemonte Card because it is also valid for many sights in the surrounding area. With the Torino Card you can visit almost 60 sights for free.

The participating attractions mainly include museums, castles and historical sites. These include highlights such as the Egyptian Museum, the Royal Museums, the National Film Museum (Mole Antonelliana), the Basilica Superga and Palazzo Madama. In addition, the Torino Card offers discounts on hop-on hop-off buses, city tours, bicycle tours and much more.

You can buy the ticket online and then receive a voucher. You can print this out or save it as a mobile ticket on your smartphone. Your voucher will be scanned at the entrance to the various sights.

From the first use, the Torino Card is valid for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours.

Who is the Torino Card suitable for?

In our opinion, the City Card is particularly suitable for stays of several days in Torino.

The longer the period of validity of the Torino Card, the cheaper it is per day. And the more you save when using it. With a validity period of 5 days, the City Card already pays for itself from the visit of one more expensive sight per day.

The Torino Card is also good for families, as one child per adult cardholder is admitted free of charge and the card is available at a greatly reduced price for young people between the ages of 12 and 17.

How much does the Torino Card cost?

The price of the Torino Card depends on the period of validity. The following prices apply for adults aged 18 and over:

  • Torino Card - 24 hours*: 29,- €
  • Torino Card - 48 hours: 38,- €
  • Torino Card - 72 hours: 44,- €
  • Torino Card - 120 hours: 49,- €
  • Torino Junior Card (12-17 years, up to 72 hours): 18,- €

*The 24-hour ticket is limited to three free attractions. There is no limit for all other tickets.

One child up to the age of 12 is admitted free of charge per adult cardholder. A greatly reduced price applies for young people aged 12 to 17.

All services of the Torino Card

Many of the most popular attractions in Turin and the surrounding area are included in the Torino Card. This gives you free entry to almost 60 attractions, such as museums and exhibitions, castles, fortresses and royal residences in Turin and Piedmont.

In addition, the City Card grants discounts for numerous other offers.

Free entry with the Torino Card:

  • Musei Reali (Royal Museums)
  • Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum)
  • Museo Nazionale del Cinema (Cinema Museum)
  • Basilica di Superga: Royal tombs, flats & dome
  • La Venaria Reale: All in a Palace
  • Museo dell'Automobile di Torino
  • Juventus Museum

The Torino Card does not allow priority entry, so you still have to collect your free ticket at the ticket office. However, you can reserve a time slot for some attractions and museums in advance to avoid waiting. This also applies to very popular attractions such as the Royal Museums, the Cinema Museum, the Egyptian Museum and the Automobile Museum. Sometimes reservations are even compulsory.

Discounts with the Torino Card

In addition to free admission to many museums and sights, there are also numerous discounted offers.

For an overview of all Torino & Piemonte Card services, see the official brochure: Torino & Piemonte Card

Torino Card + Hop-on/Hop-off

If you also want to use the hop-on/hop-off bus in Turin, we recommend this combination ticket. With it, you can easily reach all the sights and get on and off as often as you like. You can also do a complete round trip first and use the bus for a city tour. And get off later at the sights you want to visit.

Is the Torino Card worth it?

The Torino Card offers very good value for money and is already worthwhile from a visit to two attractions per day. The price per day decreases with increasing validity. Thus, the City Card with a validity of 5 days is already worthwhile from the visit of one more expensive attraction per day.

Below we show you how much you can save using a card valid for 72 hours.

AttractionWithout Torino CardWith Torino Card
Torino Card 48h44,- €
Musei Reali15,- €Free of charge
Basilica di Superga8,- €Free of charge
Egyptian Museum18,- €Free of charge
Juventus Museum (Stadium Tour)15,- €Free of charge
La Venaria Reale20,- €Free of charge
Total76,- €44,- €

In three days, you can discover a lot in Turin and Piedmont and save quite a few euros.

Basically, the more often you use the Torino Card, the more it pays for itself.

Buy & Collect Torino Card

You can buy the Torino Card online at various ticket platforms, including the following After purchase, you will receive a digital pass (QR code) by e-mail, which you can either print out or use as a mobile ticket on your smartphone.

The City Card is activated with its first use in one of the participating sights and museums. It is then valid for up to 120 hours, depending on the option booked. The validity is calculated in 24-hour units. For example, if you activate your 48-hour card on Tuesday at 2:30 pm, it will be valid until Thursday at 2:29 pm.

The Torino Card is personal and therefore non-transferable.

If your travel plans change, you can cancel or change your booking free of charge up to 23:59 the night before your visit.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of the Torino Card

  • Free admission to almost 60 museums and sights.
  • Validity period of up to 120 hours.
  • Good value for money, especially if used for several days.
  • The ticket is available as a mobile ticket for the smartphone and does not have to be collected separately in Turin.
  • One child under 12 is admitted free of charge per adult cardholder.

Disadvantages of the Torino Card

  • The City Card does not grant preferential entry. However, you can reserve a time slot in advance for some sights and thus save time.
  • Public transport is not included in the Torino Card.
  • The services mainly focus on museums. Those who are less interested in this should check in advance whether the purchase of the card is worthwhile in that case.

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FAQ about the Torino Card

How does the Torino Card work?

The Torino Card can be purchased online. You will then receive a digital ticket with a QR code by e-mail. You can save this as a mobile ticket on your smartphone. The card entitles you to free admission to almost 60 attractions and grants discounts on many other offers.

Can I use public transport with the Torino Card?

No, unfortunately the Torino Card does not include public transport. However, the City Card entitles you to a reduced day ticket for various offers, such as the panoramic lift in the Mole Antonelliana or the Sassi-Superga cogwheel railway. A reduced ticket can be purchased on the Venaria Express shuttle bus at weekends and on public holidays. Children under 6 years of age can usually use GTT transport free of charge.

How is the Torino Card activated?

The Torino Card is activated with the first use of the QR code and is then valid for up to 120 hours according to the booked validity period.

Is the Torino Card worth it for families?

As one child under 12 years of age is admitted free of charge per adult cardholder and the card is offered at a heavily discounted rate for children between 12 and 17 years of age, the Torino Card is also worthwhile for families.

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